Not allowed to load local resource ckeditor

Jul 13,  · Type of report Feature Request Provide detailed reproduction steps (if any) Open document Copy its content to CKEditor Expected result Images will be converted to base64 Actual result Error: Not allowed to load local r. Many browsers have changed their security policies to no longer allow reading data directly from file shares or even local resources. You need to either place the files somewhere that your tomcat instance can serve them up and put a "regular" http url in the html you generate. How to load a local HTML file on CKEditor with jQuery. Ask Question 0. 2. I am using CKEditor on my html page, and I want to read a local html page and put it on the CKEditor. (i am brazilian = bad english:P) Here's my jQuery code.

Not allowed to load local resource ckeditor

element pointing at the files, but this produced the " Not allowed to load local resource " error when a user clicked on one of these links.
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Angular Image Upload Made Easy, time: 12:43
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